How to Make Your Own Word Art Online

There are several online tools that you can use to create artistic representation of your words. From 3-D images for titles with dramatic effect to plain text letters arranged to make stunning words to a graphical representation of the words through size and shape. Word art takes many forms, but there are tools available online that will allow you to express yourself however you choose.

Browse to the 3-D Word Art generator (see Resources). Type in the word or phrase you want to make into word art.

Select the settings you want with the drop-down menus and buttons. Choose the size, colour, font and style. When you're ready, click "Preview" to see your word art creation.

Click on the word art image to download it to your computer. Save it with a name you will remember. You can insert it into documents or presentations later.

Browse to the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Word Art generator (see Resources). Enter the text you want made into ASCII word art in the text box. You will see the ASCII text generated in the display field below. The ASCII text is designed to be recognised by nearly every computer system, so using this method to generate word art will make it readable across a number of formats and operating systems. It does not use images, but rather just the text arranged in different ways.

Select the effect you want from the "Font" drop-down menu on the left. Choose the radio button to select left, centre or right justification. Click the "BG Color" button to select the background colour and click the "Text Color" button to select the text colour.

Move your mouse cursor to the beginning of your ASCII word art, click and hold then drag the mouse to the bottom right to select the entire text. Press "Ctrl+C" on your keyboard to copy the text.

Open a text editing program on your computer and press "Ctrl+V" to paste the text into the document. Save the ASCII word art in its own text file so you can use it again.

Browse to the Word Mosaic Word Art site (see Resources). Enter your text in the text field, or enter the web address (URL) of a blog or website in the URL field, or enter the name of a "" user then press the corresponding "Submit" (or "Go") button.

Edit the language, font, layout and colour menus until you see what you like. In the language menu, you can remove entries from specific languages, remove numerals from the art and set the case for the words displayed. In the font menu, you can change the type of font used. In the layout menu, you can determine how the words are organised, the shape of the art and the orientation of the words. In the colour menu, you can select the colour palette used for the words and the background. Right-click on a word to get the option to remove it.

Click the "Print" button to print the word art, or save the mosaic to the public gallery with the "Save to Public Gallery" button. From the gallery you can then receive the code to past the image into your blog or website. Select the code at the bottom of the screen and press "Ctrl+C" to copy it and then paste it into your blog or website by pressing "Ctrl+V."

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