How to Close a Leatherman Supertool

Updated February 21, 2017

The Leatherman Super Tool stainless steel instrument is a multi-tool containing 18 commonly used tools. The Super Tool houses within its handles needlenose and regular pliers, small, medium, large and crosshead screwdrivers, wire and hand-wire cutters, a wire stripper, an electric crimper, clip-point and serrated knives, a saw, a wood and metal file, bottle and can openers, a ruler and an awl. As the Leatherman Super Tool is designed for quick changes from one tool to another, closing the tool when finished isn't difficult and only requires that you reposition one or more of the tools, as well as the handles.

Hold your Leatherman Super Tool in front of you with the needlenose pliers pointing up.

Grasp the left and right open handles with each hand.

Fold one of the handles up toward the needlenose pliers. If done correctly, the interior of the handle should encase one side of the pliers.

Repeat with the other side to bring both handles together around the pliers and close your Super Tool for storage.


If you closed the handles once already to use an unfolded tool and need to return the tool to the handles and close your Super Tool for storage, grasp the sides of the single handle made by the closed handles just below the unfolded tool. Pull the sides to the left and right to reveal the interior of the handles/tool storage areas. Fold the tool back into the corresponding handle and push the two handles together to close your Super Tool.

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