How to Use Debrox Ear Wax Removal

Excessive earwax can block your ear canal and cause hearing problems. Debrox is a non-prescription liquid ear medication that you can use to safely remove earwax build-up. When placed in the ear, the drops begin foaming upon contact. This bubbling action softens earwax and allows it to drain naturally from the ear.

Wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly.

Tilt the ear in which you are going to apply the drops upward.

Use the included dropper to place five to 10 drops of Debrox into your ear.

Keep the drops in your ear for several minutes. Keep your head tilted up, or place a cotton ball in your ear to prevent the drops from draining prematurely.

Place a clean tissue over your ear and tilt your head downward to drain the drops and earwax from your ear.


You can gently flush the ear with warm water to remove any remaining earwax. Debrox can be used twice a day for up to four days. If you still have excessive or hard-to-remove earwax after four days, consult your doctor. It's normal to hear a faint bubbling or crackling noise while the medicine is in your ear.


Do not let the tip of the dropper touch your ear canal; it could contaminate the rest of the medication.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton ball or tissue
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