How to Make Room Spray With Fragrance Oils

Updated April 17, 2017

Scented room sprays are a quick and easy way to cover foul odours and add a refreshing aroma to your home. However, those fancy spays can provide a rather weak scent at a very high price. If you want a pleasant fragrance without a high price tag, make your own room spray with fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are budget-friendly, synthetic scents that come in a wide variety of aromas, from rose to candyfloss. Just make sure you have a clean, large plastic bottle with a spray-nozzle lid prepared. The clean bottle is essential for mixing, distributing and storing your homemade room spray.

Add one half cup vodka, six drops wild orchid oil, six drops orange blossom oil, six drops lavender oil, four drops fresh grass oil and three drops sandalwood oil to the bottle to create an earthy floral home scent. Secure with lid and shake well to mix.

Add one and a half cups distilled water to the bottle. Secure with lid and shake well again to mix.

Spray your mixture into the air to test the scent. Adjust scent as desired, adding more water to decrease intensity and more fragrance oil to increase intensity.


Play with the whole selection of fragrance oils and create your own unique home spray. For example, you could make a light candy scented spray for a little girl's room. Just replace the fragrance oils called for in the recipe with 10 drops candyfloss fragrance oil and 10 drops cherry fragrance oil.


Do not confuse essential and fragrance oils. Essential oils are expensive, natural plant extracts. They are scented, but more useful for the extra healing properties they carry. Fragrance oils, also known as scented oils, are inexpensive synthetic oils. Do not spray the mixture directly on fabrics. Fragrance oils can stain delicate fabrics. If you spray the fragrance into the air, the oil becomes diluted enough to fall on fabrics without staining. Do not try to make a room spray without using some sort of unscented alcohol, such as vodka. The alcohol breaks up the fragrance oils to distribute them evenly in the water. Without the alcohol, the oils will just sit at the top of the water and your room spray will have no scent.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bottle
  • Measuring cups
  • Vodka
  • Wild orchid fragrance oil
  • Orange blossom fragrance oil
  • Lavender fragrance oil
  • Fresh grass fragrance oil
  • Sandalwood fragrance oil
  • Distilled water
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