How to colour restore a leather sofa

Over time leather furniture will suffer normal wear and tear, causing it to lose its original attractive colour. Instead of replacing your furniture, you can restore it back to its original colour by refinishing the leather. Most people don't realise that professional finishers use a finishing technique before the furniture is sold in stores. You can use this same technique to restore colour to your leather sofa.

Select a leather re-colouring kit. Most kits will come with multiple colour selections, leather prep, finishing sprays, a spray unit, gloves and sponge applicators. Make sure your kit has the colour you need.

Cover your work area. Use newspaper, a sheet or plastic covering to protect other items from exposure to chemicals.

Prep your sofa. Use a sponge to clean the sofa using the leather prep. The leather prep cleaner is used to remove dirt and de-greases the leather so the new colour can fully penetrate. Not prepping your sofa will cause adhesion problems.

Apply colour. Using a different application sponge, add a thin layer of colour to your sofa. Apply colour in smooth, even strokes. Applying the colour too thick will cause bubbles and runs. If you notice this, take a cloth and immediately smooth the surface. Allow the layer to dry.

Attach the spray unit to the colour pick-up tube to apply the spray layer. Hold the spray about 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) from the surface, and evenly apply a thin layer of colour.

Once the colour has completely dried, apply a thin layer of finishing spray.

Allow the sofa to dry. Wait approximately 48 hours before disturbing your furniture.


The chemicals used in restoring the colour to a leather sofa can cause damage to the skin. Use the gloves that come with the kit. If your gloves become damaged, purchase new gloves before proceeding.

Things You'll Need

  • Leather re-colouring kit
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