How to Use a K2 Meter When Ghost Hunting

Updated June 13, 2017

Ghost hunters investigate the possibility of the existence of paranormal activity and unexplainable presences that appear to communicate with the living. To study these supernatural occurrences, ghost hunters employ a variety of technology, including a hand-held device known as the K2 meter. The K2 meter detects electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Ghost hunters utilise K2 meters to measure energy that they believe ghosts emit. There is no mystery to using the K2 meter properly.

Check the battery by removing the two screws on the back panel with a small screwdriver. Inspect the battery to determine viability or replace it with a 9-volt battery. Replace cover.

Turn on the K2 meter. Press centre button and apply pressure to turn device on. The LED monitor lights will spike momentarily to indicate functionality.

The K2 meter is also known as the "K-II meter," "K2 EMF meter" and "Safe Range meter."

Wedge the K2 meter to stay in an "On" position. Insert a coin between the centre button and case to keep the meter pushed down into the "On" position. The K2 meter must be in a constant state of "On" to work effectively for ghost hunting.

Select the area to explore and begin a walk through. Hold the meter steady at arm's length. Walk slowly. Do not shake or jar the K2 meter. Observe the meter for changes. Spikes may indicate the presence of paranormal activity.

Do not assume a spike in the K2 meter indicates a ghost. Check for other causes, such as lamps, power outlets, ceiling fans or bad electrical wiring. Move the K2 meter near and away from source. Steady responses are not indicative of paranormal activity. Potential paranormal phenomenon tends to move around and disperse.

Establish a baseline by locating an area that the LED monitor indicates as consistently static with little fluctuation. This is your baseline for comparison to other places in the vicinity that may require further evaluation.

The LED displays four colours--green, yellow, orange and red. Green refers to lowest EMF levels and red indicates highest levels.

To turn your K2 meter off, remove the coin and press the centre button.


According to Grant Wilson of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), do not rely on your thumb's pressure to keep the K2 meter in the "On" position. Varying thumb pressure may cause the meter to resequence or give false readings. Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices that emit signals that may interfere with the K2 meter's ability to detect EMFs. EMFs are invisible electrical forces that radiate from anything that gives off an electric charge or current. Common sources include electrical devices in the home or naturally occurring, such as lightning or the Earth's magnetic field. Bring extra batteries when ghost hunting. Batteries may expire unexpectedly. Remove battery for storage.


Exposure to high EMF levels may result in headaches, tiredness or behavioural changes. Long-term exposure may increase health risks.

Things You'll Need

  • K2 meter
  • Screwdriver
  • 9-volt battery
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