How to write a cold call cover letter

Updated February 21, 2017

Many job openings are not advertised on job-search websites or in newspapers, and a cold-call cover letter is one way of trying to land that job. Writing one can be a very difficult, especially since you're sending a cover letter for a job that may or may not exist. With a few guidelines on how to draft the letter, you can boost your job search.

Research companies you'd want to work for. Make a list of each company that you're interested in.

Make a list of contacts inside the organisations, Be sure to locate specific contacts, such as managers or influential people at the company.

Open up your word processor to begin writing your cover letter. Use a template if you desire.

Address the letter to your contact in the organisation.

Tell the contact who you are in the letter, and why you're specifically writing to their company. Also be sure to state what type of job you're looking for with the company.

Describe your experiences and education, and how they apply to the position you're asking about. Use specific examples to your advantage.

State that you will contact them in a week to enquire more. Be sure to sign the letter.

Make sure to include your CV with the letter (enclose it in the envelope with the letter, or attach it to your e-mail).


If you're nervous about sending the letter, just remember that the worst thing an employer can do is say no, or that there are no jobs at the moment.

For convenience, keep the cover letter you just wrote as a template, so long as you change the details of the job, organisation and contact.

If you know a friend or someone in the department you're looking for, ask if you can use her as a reference.


Make sure your cover letter is free of any grammatical errors and makes sense; otherwise, your prospective employer will toss your letter and CV in the bin. Consider having a friend look over your cover letter to check it.

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