How to Change an AOL Home Page

Updated March 23, 2017

The "splash page" for the software version of America Online (AOL) 9.0 is the first page that loads once a user signs onto the service. The portion of the splash page that contains the welcome message can be easily modified according to the wishes of each individual account holder.

Change the colour. The choices are ecru, sky, tarragon, violet, peony and orangesicle. Click the small coloured square at the top right of the welcome screen to change the screen's top border immediately.

Change the theme. The choices are AOL Experience, AOL Latino, AOL Black Voices and AOL Small Business. The choices are available, on a drop-down menu located to the right of the boxes, to change the colour of the welcome screen top border. Click on each choice to change the look of the welcome screen immediately.

Alternate between the new and classic welcome screens. Click on the link that reads "Try the new welcome screen" or "Back to Classic" at the top left portion of the welcome panel. The change takes place immediately.

Choose a theme on the new welcome screen. The colour themes are located at the top right of the welcome screen. The panel themes are located across the top of the welcome panel. Users can change each theme separately.

Change the welcome screen greeting. Click "Help" from the top of the browser window (not the welcome screen). From the "Help" panel, click "Settings." Under the letter "W" click "Welcome Screen." A panel opens to enter a name or salutation of up to 16 characters. Users can also choose themes from this panel.

Personalise the welcome screen. The "Customize Your Page" link on the welcome panel allows the user to choose the welcome screen's content. "My Links" allows users to add and delete links. "My Stuff" allows users to change the order of the preview panels.


Each account can have a different welcome screen, classic or new, as well as different colour schemes, Each account can also have a different theme: AOL Experience, AOL Latino, AOL Black Voices or AOL Small Business.


While it is possible to combine different welcome screens and different themes, each account can only have one combination of welcome screen and theme at a given time. Each change eliminates the earlier choice. Users must be signed onto the desktop software service to make changes to the desktop software settings.

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