How to Repair Cell Phone Scratches

Cell phones can be easily scratched if they are not handled well. Dropping a cell phone or placing it in your bag next to sharp objects can lead to scratches on the body and screen of the device. If the scratch is not too deep, it may be repairable. To protect your cell phone from future scratches, after you make the repair you should encase the cell phone in a phone case or keep it inside a glove.

Purchase an LCD screen scratch remover. There are products that can be used to get rid of scratches on the LCD display of your cell phone. As an example, you can buy Displex from the Wireless Boys website (See Resources).

Apply a small amount of Displex to the scratched areas of the cell phone screen. Use a polishing cloth to rub at the scratches, applying heavy pressure for approximately five minutes. You can reapply the substance if the scratches are not removed.

Clean the rest of the phone before trying to get rid of the phone's body scratches. Follow your manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the phone, but in most cases you can use a small amount of alcohol soaked on a cotton ball.

Buy nail polish that matches the colour of the cell phone you are repairing. Keep in mind that you may need a metallic brand if the body of the phone has a metallic sheen.

Cover the scratches with the nail polish. Apply a very small amount of polish to each scratched area. Start with the smallest scratches first, to make sure the nail polish colour matches the cell phone. You may want to consider a clear coat on top to seal the polish. Allow the cell phone to dry before use.

Things You'll Need

  • Displex
  • Polishing cloth
  • Alcohol
  • Nail polish
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