How to Design Toilet Paper

Updated July 20, 2017

Designing your own toilet paper roll adds a bit of comical humour to a party, celebration or special occasion. Add an element of surprise by using designs like crossword puzzles, origami paper cranes or even a roll that resembles dollar bills. Guests will be pleasantly surprised, and maybe even a bit weary, when seeing the colourful and artistic toilet paper. Design your own toilet paper in a few steps and you will be ready to roll.

Find a company online that prints custom made toilet paper. Search the Internet using keywords such as "custom toilet paper printing" or "personalised toilet paper" to find companies that specialise in printing toilet paper. Locally, call companies that specialise in marketing or promotional products or call your chamber of commerce for referrals to local businesses that specialise in the promotional product industry.

Choose a design to print on the toilet paper. Most companies print the design in one colour. Pick a design that will fit on one square of toilet paper, measuring about 3-1/2 inches by 16 inches. Scan the design into a .JPG format on your computer. Ensure the resolution is approximately 150 dpi. Remember that web images are commonly low-resolution pictures; while they may look great on a computer screen, the picture will be very fuzzy when printed.

E-mail the chosen toilet paper printing company the electronic picture via e-mail. Most companies will proof the image prior to printing for you.

Determine how many rolls you want to order. Understand that many companies charge set-up fee per design; ordering more than one design will result in more than one set-up fee. Check when the toilet paper will be delivered. If ordering for a special occasion, a rush order may be necessary due to printing and shipping times. Add the additional shipping and handling charges to the order for the final price. Wait for the toilet paper to arrive for laughter and giggles in the bathroom.


If you don't have a picture you would like to see on the toilet paper, some paper companies offer graphic design services at an additional rate.


Confirm the toilet paper design is to be printed on each square of toilet paper. Some companies only print the design on the first two layers of the paper, leaving the rest of the roll blank.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture or design
  • Scanner
  • Computer
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