How to Prune Malus Tina Crabapple Trees

Updated November 21, 2016

Malus Tina crabapple trees are beautiful apple trees that flower each spring with lacy white or pink flowers. These trees usually require little maintenance as they are not susceptible to blight or other diseases. Pruning is only necessary if you want to encourage flower growth rather than leaves and stems, to remove diseased branches, crossed branches, or to loosen up the inner branches so that the remaining growth can breathe. Pruning is best done in late spring, when shoots are still new and pliable.

Cut away new shoots at their base. Trim shoots growing from the trunk and roots of the tree.

Trim shoots growing quickly from the branches of the tree. Do not trim these at the base; instead, trim them so that one or two buds remain on each new shoot.

Cut away small branches that grow very close and perpendicular to each other. These branches may eventually grow into and choke each other, causing part of the tree to die.

Look for diseased branches. Yellow or black spotted leaves or dry rot are indications of disease. Trim away these branches and dispose of them away from living plants or compost.

Trim away excess growth. This growth will be very dense, with some shoots and branches unable to receive sun. Trim enough branches an shoots so that all remaining growth receives sun.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
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