How to Set the Time on a Baby G Watch

Updated November 21, 2016

Baby G is a line of watches made by Casio. They are solar-powered and come in a variety of colours. Baby G watches are designed for both men and women and are sold everywhere watches are sold. Like most watches, you will need to follow directions to set the time on a Baby G watch.

Locate the "mode" button on the left side of the watch. Press it until you see the screen you want to change.

Hold down the "mode" button for a few seconds and watch the screen. A light will flash or a beep will sound to indicate that you can make changes.

Press the "mode" button to switch through the different data field on the watch. Keep pressing the mode button until you are in dual time mode.

Press the "mode" button again to choose whether daylight saving time should be on or off.

Use the "24 Hour" button on the right side to change the time. Once you have it at the correct time, press "adjust time" to save your settings.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby G watch


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