Daewoo Television Repair Tips

Written by jason prader | 13/05/2017
Daewoo Television Repair Tips
Daewoo manufactures a range of TV sets. (tv control and tv 16 image by chrisharvey from Fotolia.com)

Daewoo is a large electronics company that produces a range of consumer electronics, including LCD TV sets and DVD players. Daewoo sets are significantly cheaper than models offered by rival producers such as Samsung and Panasonic. However, some Daewoo sets experience problems that can interfere with sound and image quality.

No Power

Make sure the power cable plug is firmly attached to the wall outlet. If this is secure, examine the cable for any nicks or dents as these can affect the power supply to the Daewoo TV. If the power cable is damaged, you can purchase a new one from most electrical stores. A loss of power may also be due to the electrical socket rather than the TV set. Unplug the Daewoo TV and connect another appliance to the outlet to see if it receives power. If it doesn't, contact an electrician to repair the outlet.

Remote Control Problems

A broken Daewoo remote control may be caused by poor battery life. Try replacing the batteries with a new set. Make sure they are correctly positioned according to the +/- symbols on the batteries and the remote. Also make sure there are no objects obstructing areas of the television, as this may block the remote control's infrared device from functioning. If these actions fail to remedy the issue, you may need to replace your remote control.

Black and White Picture

A black and white picture may simply be due to a program broadcast rather than a fault with your Daewoo TV set. If all channels are broadcasting in black and white, adjust the image settings by pressing the Menu button and then Picture. Here you can adjust the colour, contrast and brightness settings, which may restore your picture to full colour. Also ensure the cables at the back of your Daewoo TV set are in the correct sockets and are securely fitted. Loose connections can lead to sound and vision interference.

Stripes on TV

Stripes on the screen can be caused by interference from other radios and televisions in your home. This is due to the multiple signals being received in the same location. Turn other TV sets or radios off if not in use and the problem should improve. Also, make sure devices that use magnetic energy such as stereo speakers or electrical motors are moved away from your TV set, as these can also cause interference.

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