How to Make a Flounder Fishing Rig

Updated June 13, 2017

Flounder are among the most sought-after game fish because of its versatility in many cuisines. According to Game and Fish Magazine, flounder are famous saltwater fish and are consistently high-ranking among the top fish pursued by recreational fishermen. Flounder tend to congregate in scattered areas near the bottom either alone or in small groups. When designing rigs, make sure it can cover sufficient ground and that it is highly visible to the fish.

Use a 1/0-size circle hook. Choose a larger or smaller size depending on the size of flounder in your local fishing ground.

Take the 12-pound test line and connect to the hook with a knot.

Place the line through an egg sinker then attach to the swivel. Allow it to slide on the leader between the swivel and the hook.

Use egg sinkers with a weigh range of one to three ounces, depending on local water conditions such as water depth and current flow.

Use a dropper rig with the egg sinker at the bottom during murky-water conditions to better attract flounder. Tie one or two hooks above the egg sinker so that it can brush off the bottom as the hooks ride high enough for the flounder to see and bite.

Use a variety of additional embellishments to attract fish such as coloured beads, spinner blades, spoon and skirts.

Opt for live bait during days when the bite is slow. Effective live baits are squid, live shrimp and worms. When using a squid bait, impale the tail end on the hook closest to the spoon. When using strips of cut bait fish, keep the scales intact and impale the hooks through the scale attach to your flounder rig.

Things You'll Need

  • Circle hook, size 1/0
  • Swivel
  • 12-pound test fishing line
  • Leader
  • Egg sinker
  • Lures and bait
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