How to Become a Car Trader

Are you an automobile enthusiast? Do you enjoy dealing with customers and helping to make their car ownership dreams a reality? Do you want financial security and a lucrative career? If you answered, "yes" to any or all of these questions, you should consider becoming a car trader. A car trader acts as a "matchmaker" between customers and their dream cars.

Sell a car or two. Many individuals make money by purchasing cars for a cheap price, investing a little money and fixing the cars up, then selling them for a profit. Through this experience, you'll learn about the process of trading cars and what to expect when selling cars to individuals.

Visit car auctions. This is s a great way to learn about expected prices of cars and also a great way to pick up cheap cars that can be improved and then sold for a profit. After visiting these auctions for a while, you'll understand more about whether the cars are being sold for a good price, and which ones are really great deals.

Obtain trade plates for transporting vehicles to trade them. These can be obtained by visiting the local motor vehicle registration office. This is generally the only thing needed to purchase and trade the cars, because traders aren't required to have insurance on the vehicles unless they're going to be driving them regularly. To learn more about who can use trade plates and how to obtain them, visit

Register as a trader. In some areas, traders must have an approved site from which to trade the vehicles. Register as a trader locally and obtain any needed permits for the property from which you plan on trading. Of course, you will need to obtain the site first, so you should look for a commercial area where you can fit the cars you will be trading. You may also want to make sure the land has a building that can be used as an office.

Build strategic relationships. Build relationships with car mechanics so you can have the cars checked out before selling them. By working with one mechanic, you may be able to get the work done for a cheaper price than if you use a different mechanic each time. It is also advisable to work with one auction house and build a relationship with them. This may even allow you to obtain the auction cars for a slightly lower price.

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