How to select a butterfly engagement ring

Updated November 21, 2016

Butterfly engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular due to the symbolism they represent. The link between a butterfly's transformation and a blooming marriage makes for a meaningful engagement and wedding ring set. Butterfly engagement rings come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes from a butterfly-shaped centre stone to a diamond centre stone inside of a gold butterfly. Choose a ring that fits your future fiancé's personal style and interests.

Decide on a budget for the engagement ring and wedding band. You can go by the traditional budget of two-month's-salary or choose another one based on your income and budget.

Find out what her correct ring size is to avoid having to get it resized later on. Select one of the rings in her jewellery box that you have seen her wear on her ring finger, or ask her mom or a close friend that might know her size. Ask them to keep it a surprise until you propose.

Decide what style of butterfly setting she would enjoy the most. You may want a small butterfly whose head is a diamond, a butterfly-shaped diamond or stone in the centre, or a three-stone engagement ring where the centre is a butterfly and the sides are another shape. There are also engagement rings where the band itself is in a butterfly-wing shape with a diamond stone in the centre.

Consider your girlfriend's personal tastes and style when choosing the size of the diamond or stone and the type of material. If she wears mostly yellow gold jewellery, this is an indication of her taste. Other metal styles for engagement rings include white gold and platinum.

Select the diamond or centre stone of the ring carefully before making your final decision. Ask the salesperson about the four C's of the ring; cut, colour, clarity and carat size. These will determine the overall quality of the diamond and if the price is fair according to that quality. Choose a diamond with a printed report from a trusted grading laboratory.


Make the engagement ring more meaningful by having it engraved on the inside with a message to your girlfriend.

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