How to Buy Innova Dog Food

Written by lalah brewer | 13/05/2017
How to Buy Innova Dog Food
(A Lhasa Apso dog image by Florussel Sathya from

Innova is a holistic pet food that includes ingredients from all five food groups. It is important when buying Innova dog food to consider your dog's age, size, and weight to pick out the right formula for your dog.

Dog's Life Stage

During the different stages of a dog's life, they have different dietary needs. Innova Puppy formula is designed to meet the needs of a growing puppy with extra protein and nutrients needed for this developmental stage. Innova Adult provides balanced nutrients and protein for dogs that have finished growing. Innova Senior is for dogs in their later stages in life and helps dogs with digestion and joint pain.

Dog's Size

Small dogs and large dogs not only differ in size, but also in nutritional needs. Large breed dogs that weigh more than 27.2 Kilogram and are between the ages of 2 and 7 are more prone to joint problems due to their size. Innova Large Breed Dog Food is formulated with ingredients to help maintain an ideal weight along with glucosamine to maintain healthy joints.

Dog's Weight

Dogs that are overweight would benefit from Innova's Low Fat Adult Dog Food. The ingredients in this food contain 35 per cent less fat for dogs that are sedentary and need to lose a few pounds. The food also contains L-carnitine to aid in the metabolization of fat.

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