How to Make Brochures on Microsoft Word 2003

Microsoft Word is a popular tool for creating text documents. However, many people do not realise that Word can also be used to design documents such as brochures. Microsoft Word 2003 comes with a brochure template to aide you with your brochure design. In addition, Microsoft's website offers addition brochure templates. By simply adjusting these templates, you can quickly make a brochure.

Create a new brochure from the brochure template. Select "File > New." A side panel will open on the right. Select "Template" from this panel. Select the "Publications" tab and double-click on "Brochure."

Replace and add images. Select "Insert > Picture > [Type of Picture]." Locate the image and click "OK." If you are replacing an image, click on the image first.

Replace the text. Highlight the text in the template, and type the text for your brochure. With the text highlighted, select "Format > Fonts" to change the font styles.

Rearrange the brochure. If the images and text are not in the correct position, you will need to rearrange them. Pay attention to the way the brochure will fold when it's printed. To move text, highlight and copy the text. Move your cursor to the new location and paste the text. To move the image, select the image and drag it to the new position.

Print the brochure. Select "File > Print." Change the setting so that the page will print front and back. Most home printers require that you replace the front page in the printer before it can print the back page. The orientation of the page will depend on the printer; however, most require that you place the front page up.


Use the styles from the Format menu to create a consistent view throughout the brochure.

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