How to buy generic androgel

Updated February 21, 2017

Testosterone gel, which is the generic name for Androgel, is a gel medication that is squeezed out of a tube and applied to the shoulders to increase testosterone production in males. Testosterone gel is used to aid sperm production and natural male behaviours in men that do not produce testosterone naturally.

Go to a doctor. He or she can test your testosterone levels to determine if you are right for testosterone gel supplements.

Obtain a prescription. Your doctor will determine if testosterone gel is right for you and write you a prescription.

Fill the prescription. You can fill your prescription for testosterone gel at your local drugstore or online drugstore, which will require a scan of your prescription and send your medication in the mail.

Take care in applying your prescription. Testosterone gel should be applied to the shoulders daily and kept out of reach from children and adults who come in contact with your shoulders throughout the day. Children should not use testosterone gel or be in contact with it.


Testim, like Androgel, is another brand name for testosterone gel.


Keep children out of reach of testosterone gel.

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