How to Buy Cheap Obagi Products

Updated March 23, 2017

Obagi skincare products are designed to make your skin healthier and younger looking by providing benefits that range from treating acne to rejuvenating ageing skin. There are many stores that you can purchase Obagi products from, but all vary as to the deals offered. Obagi products are generally expensive, but there are places where you can purchase them cheaper and save money in the process.

Determine which Obagi products you want to buy. offers starter kits with full-size products or travel kits that contain a compilation of different Obagi products in smaller sizes, both of which cost less than if you purchased each product individually.

Avoid buying Obagi products directly from the manufacturer because they are always more expensive than those purchased from speciality stores.

Check out online stores that offer discounts and free shipping for purchases. Online stores such as (see Resources) offer 10 per cent off the retail price and free shipping for purchases that come to more than £48. If you intend to buy a large supply of products, this may be a good option. Another web site that offers sales is (see Resources).

Check out auction web sites such as eBay and Amazon for possibly the cheapest prices on Obagi products. While these sites will likely offer the least expensive prices, be cautious to ensure that you do not purchase knock-offs. Always check for the Obagi seal on the front of every product before purchasing.

Compare prices from different online stores before purchasing. Ultimately, that's the best way to find the cheapest price.

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