How to Stop Night Flatulence

Updated April 17, 2017

Gas in the intestinal tract causes flatulence, whether it occurs in the day or during the night. This can come from swallowing air, certain diets---particularly those high in fibre or sugars---certain medical conditions or drugs such as proton pump inhibitors.

Use a food diary to track what you eat each day for a week. Note each morning how many episodes of nighttime flatulence you had and approximately what time they occurred. If possible, assign some sort of grade to them regarding intensity.

Identify the foods that seemed to cause the greatest number of episodes during the night and then eliminate one of the food types at a time to see the result. Likely candidates besides fibre are fatty foods and artificial sweeteners.

Reduce a high-fibre diet temporarily. If the problems go away, then try adding back fibre very gradually to let your body slowly adjust.

Make the dinner meal lighter and try to eat a bit earlier than what is customary for you. Concentrate fibre intake earlier in the day---at breakfast and lunch.

Try one of the following herbal oils, using 10 to 15 drops in one-fourth cup of water to reduce flatulence: caraway oil, angelica oil or cinnamon oil. Or, drink a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime.

Dissolve five Ignatia amara 30C pellets (a homeopathic remedy) in the mouth three times a day for no more than three days.


Include some Beano or another digestive enzyme with fibre-containing foods, particularly in the evening.


The information in this article is not intended as medical advice. Some herbal products are not appropriate with pregnancy. Always check with your physician about any persistent condition that is of concern.

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