How to buy a burqa

Updated February 21, 2017

A burka is the covering that many women in Islamic and Western countries wear to keep themselves covered. Frequently, the whole body is covered except for a mesh grid over the eyes to provide vision although there are other styles in which the face is visible. In Afghanistan all women are required to wear the burka. You may find it necessary to wear a burka if you have converted to Islam and want to follow a modest dress code, if you are visiting an Islamic country and want to be sure you are following their laws for modest dress, or if you have family who follow a traditional Islamic modest dress code and you want be respectful.

Choose the style of burka you want to wear. Veiling, which is essentially what a burka does, comes in all different forms in the Middle East. You can choose the full burka style, such as is worn in Afghanistan, or you could choose an abaya, which is the word for the same garment in Saudi Arabia, which comes in a variety of colours and fashions and can have elaborate embroidery.

Choose the colour of burka you would like. Fortunately, black, or even turquoise, is not the only colour available and many burkas come in different colours and styles and may even have embellishments.

Go to eBay and look at the burkas available to see if you can find the style and colour that you want. eBay is one of the best best places to find different styles of burkas in different colours for reasonable prices.

Go to Al Sundus online and look at their collection of burkas, which they call abayas, and head scarves, which are called hijabs. There are several very stylish options here if you don't like the idea of the full burka.


If you cannot find what you are looking for online, consider looking in the yellow pages for a clothing store that specialises in styles from the Middle East.


Be aware that should you choose to wear your burka any place in the Western world you may run into people who will respond negatively.

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