How to learn neon sign--making

Updated February 21, 2017

Neon signs are glowing tubes that contain inert gases at low pressures. Bending these glass tubes into shapes and letters is a popular craft that can be learnt in a craft workshop class or even through self-training steps online. You can even take instructor-led classes to become a certified glass bender. If you are interested in learning how to make neon signs or start your own neon-sign business, you should master bending the tubes and find information for companies that specialise in adding the neon or argon gas into the tubes.

Learn how neon signs are made before you start to learn how to make them yourself (see references). Use the basic knowledge to understand the vital parts of neon signs, including the glass tubes, the power supply, the electrode connectors and tube support.

Go to the Sign Industry website to read the self-training articles written by Randall L. Caba, originally published in Sign Builder Illustrated. The first part will help you with basics such as finding resources and getting started. Read all four parts of the self-training before actually doing the steps. Once you feel comfortable, order the parts needed in the article and perform the steps to make your neon sign. If you'd rather learn from an instructor, continue to step 3.

Go to the Training and Classes website to search for various neon sign--making classes in your area (see resources). For example, there is the Neo-Sculpt School of Neon in Beloit, Wisconsin, that has professionals with more than 30 years of experience leading a workshop for making neon signs.

Go to the Just Neon Sign Company website to read more about the company's special neon school that includes one-on-one training with an industry specialist, located in Utica, New York (see resources). This is also a great resource if you just have a simple question that you want answered concerning the sign-making process.

Go to the World Art Glass website if you are you looking to find more professional glass and neon sign--making classes in your area (see resources). This is the best option for anyone serious about starting a neon sign--making business. Once you've completed a course or have become certified in glass bending, start making specialised signs for your or other businesses.


After taking a course, try the self-training again to guarantee your sufficiency in making neon signs.

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