How to donate a washing machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Donating a washing machine can be very helpful to many different parties. Washing machines are very expensive and hard to come by for many organisations or charities. There are several ways to donate your washing machine. Deciding who to donate to is the hardest part.

Help the animals stay warm. Animal shelters commonly are very tight on funds in attempts to save as many animals as possible. Some shelters offer beds and blankets to the dogs but limit them due to the hardship of keeping their cages clean. Some shelters are even forced to deny blanket donations to keep the dogs warm because they have no means to wash them. Donating a washing machine to an animal shelter will allow them to give more dogs a warm and comfortable place to sleep while saving the shelter a lot of money.

Consider donating to a homeless shelter. Many shelters accept clothing donations to give to the homeless when they arrive to better suit the weather in their area. This comes as a hardship when clothing is donated dirty. In addition, shelters go through a lot of sheets trying to give each person clean bedding of their own to sleep on. A washing machine will highly increase the comfort and hygiene of the sleeping quarters.

Call up low-income apartment buildings. Some low-income housing units have a couple washers for everyone to share, although some don't have any at all. An extra washer will increase the ease of living for low-income individuals. It will also save them quite a bit of money enabling them to have a washer versus the laundromat.

Contact a Salvation Army nearest you. Often times the Salvation Army will arrange a pickup date with you to haul away your washer. This is a great choice if you don't have means of transporting it yourself and still allows you to help others.

Donate to a school or hospital. Schools, most commonly preschools are in need of washing machines for their students. Accidents happen all of the time, and the need for a clean napping place is important as well. In addition, some hospitals are in need of washers to sterilise their high volume of bed sheets. The more washers the better off they are at saving much needed time.

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