How to Remove Toshiba Bloatware

Updated February 21, 2017

Like it or not, the computers that we buy now come pre-loaded with a lot of software, and that includes Toshiba. Many computer users feel much of this software is not useful, and forced upon them. If you want to quickly remove this bloatware from your Toshiba PC operating system, it is not very difficult to do so.

Grab a pen and paper and go to your Windows Desktop. Locate any bloatware there that you want removed from your computer and take note of any icons, and the name(s) of the bloatware they represent.

Open the Start Menu and select "Programs". Browse through all the programs listed there and again take note of any bloatware that you want removed.

Repeat this procedure and record any bloatware located in the "Program Files" folder of your hard drive.

Return to the Start Menu, select "Control Panel" and then "Add/Remove Programs".

Compare your list of programs that you want removed to the list that populates in the Add/Remove programs utility. One at a time, select them from the list and click on "Change/Remove Program". Confirm your action when prompted, reboot your computer, and you are finished.


Consumerist magazine has reported that Toshiba is warning its customers not to delete any bloatware that comes with its machines.

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