How to Set Up a NetGear DG834G Router

Updated April 17, 2017

Set up your wireless home network and DSL connection at the same time with a NetGear DG834G DSL modem/router combination unit. The DG834G is compatible with just about all major DSL service providers and cuts the need for two separate units. And the consolidation of a DSL modem and router makes this unit all the more simple to set up.

Set up your Netgear DG834G router in a well-ventilated area, near both phone jack and your computer. Give the router about an inch of free space on both sides to vent.

Insert a DSL filter into a phone jack connect the router to the filter with a phone cable. Run the cable from the "DSL" port on the filter to the white "Internet" port on your router.

Connect the 12V DC power adaptor to the power port located on the back of the router--right next to the antenna. Plug the transformer end of the adaptor into a power outlet. Check for a solid "Internet" light on the from of your NetGear DG834G.

Launch your Internet browser over on your computer. Type the address: "" into the Internet browser's address bar and then hit the "Enter" key.

Choose the first option on the menu that pops up to let the DG834G's internal software auto-configure itself. Choose the second option for a more customisable set-up.

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