How to wear a wing collar shirt

Updated March 23, 2017

Making sense of all the garments and accessories that constitute formal and black tie attire can be quite frustrating for a man. One of the factors that distinguish different styles of men's dress shirts is the collar style. A wing collar protrudes upwards around the neck and has two points that fold downwards in the front. Depending on the occasion, wing collar shirts can be used to create several different looks when worn in combination with various other garments and accessories.

Wear a wing collar shirt with a bow tie. Tuck the collar behind the bow tie or position the collar in a way such that it faces out over the bow tie.

Pair a wing collar shirt with a euro tie. This type of tie is long and has a square bottom. Worn knotted at the neck, this style of tie is worn as a more informal alternative to the wide Ascot tie often used for formal occasions.

Wear a wing collar shirt under a tuxedo or wedding suit. In both cases, be sure to put a waistcoat over the shirt.


Those who are unable to find a wing collar shirt that they like can opt for a collarless shirt and an attachable wind collar.


Wing collars can visually shorten the neck.

Things You'll Need

  • Bow tie or euro tie
  • Tuxedo or wedding suit
  • Waistcoat
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