How to make a burqa

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The burka is a facial garment worn by women of some Islamic traditions. It may cover the entire body (where normal clothing is worn underneath), the whole face or worn around the face. In stricter traditions, women must wear it whenever they go out in public, and only remove it when they are in their own households. More liberal traditions allow women to wear it similar to a hood, where the face is fully shown. This article will guide you on how to make such a garment.

Cut your selected material to one of two lengths: 70 cm (28 inches) wide by 150 cm (60 inches), or 70 cm by 195 cm (28 inches by 78 inches). You may cut this yourself with fabric scissors or have it cut at a fabric shop.

Sew the edges of your fabric. You may do this by hand, but it is recommended that you use a sewing machine. This will seal the edges of the burka so that it does not fray or unravel.

Place the fabric over your head, with one side longer (about 30 per cent) than the other. Pin the fabric under your chin. Place the longer side over your other shoulder.

Take the length you placed over your shoulder and put it up against (or even above) your ear. Pin this length behind your head, tight enough so that it does not loosen during normal movement.

The extra length hanging behind your head is up to you to style. You may keep it there to hang or wrap it around your neck. You may also drape it over your shoulder.

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