How to Clean Natural Stone & Grout

Updated November 21, 2016

Natural stone is an elegant choice for residential flooring, with the majority of it being a sustainable material. Natural stone comes in a wide assortment of colours, styles and patterns. This stone is durable but has a surface that is sensitive to many commercial cleaning products, particularly acid-based solvents and cleaners. The grout between natural stone tiles is similar in regards to what cleaners it can tolerate. If you maintain, clean and take care of your natural stone properly, it can last nearly a lifetime.

Apply pH-balanced or soapless detergent to the natural stone and grout. These cleaners are mild and non-acidic, and they won't eat away at the natural stone.

Remove any large stains or debris with a soft bristled brush, paying special attention to scrub the grout as well.

Rinse the cleaner from the stone and grout. While the cleaner is pH-balanced and non-acidic, if you leave it on the surface of the natural stone for a prolonged period, it can cause harm to the finish.


For small, everyday spills, you can use a commercial dish washing detergent. Remove any remaining soap residue from the natural stone and grout after cleaning as it can corrode the stone. If the stone is still greasy or dirty after using a pH-balanced cleanser, try an alkaline cleaner or a commercial floor buffer along with a pH-balanced cleanser.

Things You'll Need

  • pH-balanced or soapless detergent
  • Soft bristled brush
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