How to Use Mepps

Updated April 17, 2017

Mepps fishing lure company makes some of the most deadly trout catching devices ever created. The sure-fire nature of its fishing lures has led it to be prominently displayed for sale in shops large and small around the world. Mepps spinners work to catch fish in a variety of circumstances, making them a versatile tool in the savvy angler's arsenal. Mepps spinners fish effortlessly and can be used by anglers of most skill levels. However, to increase their effectiveness they require a bit of knowledge when using.

Tie the Mepps spinner directly onto your fishing line without using a swivel of any kind. Thread the fishing line through the eye on the lure so that you have a 1/2-inch length of line poking through. Pinch the 1/2-inch length of line against the mainline and rotate the lure while holding the line together. Turn the lure about seven times so the fishing line twists. Thread the end of the fishing line through the hole right above the eye of the lure. Pull the end of the line through the hole and pull tight to complete the knot. Cut any remaining length of line coming off the knot linger than a quarter-inch.

Cast the Mepps lure into the stream, river or lake and retrieve at a medium pace. Keep the tip of your fishing pole about waist to chest high, which maintains the lure off the bottom but below surface. Make several casts and retrievals across the same areas of water before moving onto new areas of water.

Fish the Mepps lure in lakes while casting from shore. Make casts that are straight out from where you stand and to either side and avoid casting parallel to the shoreline. Cast from boats in water 20 feet deep or less along shorelines and where underwater structure rises near the surface.

Fish the Mepps lure in creeks and rivers where the water is moving swiftly by casting perpendicular to the shoreline. As soon as the lure hits the water, begin reeling the line in. The speed of the retrieval depends on the speed of the current. The current will make the spinner work on the Mepps lure so the emphasis while reeling should be to merely retrieve the slack in the line as the lure moves downstream with the current. Expect the fish to bite as the lure sweeps sideways through the current as you reel.

Fish the Mepps lure delicately in calm deep pools in creeks and rivers to avoid scaring the fish. Cast the lure as far across the pool as possible and reel back at a medium pace. Cast the lure near the far shoreline if possible and reel back across the pool.


Tying the lure directly onto your line will make it work more effectively, as swivels can interfere with the spinner blade rotation on Mepps lures. Using less tackle also reduces the visibility of your set-up for a more attractive appearance.

Things You'll Need

  • Mepps spinner lure
  • Fishing pole and reel with 8-pound test fishing line


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