How to make paper bangers

Updated April 17, 2017

Teaching your children how to make paper bangers is a quick, creative project that will also provide hours of entertainment. This craft uses very easy paper folding techniques and can be accomplished in a few minutes. The real fun for the kids is the loud bang these paper bangers create when they are flicked.

Cut the scrapbook paper to measure 30 by 20 cm (12 by 8 inches). Fold the paper in half matching the long edges. If the scrapbook paper has a decorative side, it should be on the outside to give you a decorative paper banger. Crease the fold using the bone folder. Unfold the paper again and lay it on your work table with the plain side face-up or the side that was folded to the inside face-up.

Fold each corner point to the centre crease in the paper and crease the folds using the bone folder. Do not unfold this crease or any others from now on. Refold the centre of the paper again matching the long edges. Make sure none of your folds are overlapping or have bent tips or sides. You should now have a shape that resembles a trapezoid, with the long folded edge horizontally on top and the short edges on the bottom.

Fold the two points of the long side down to the centre of the bottom of the trapezoid. The points will hang over the edge about 3.75 cm (1 1/2 inches). Crease with the bone folder. Make sure the points and sides do not overlap. You will end up with a square shape on point. Fold the triangle halves of the square to the back and match the edges. Crease the triangle fold using the bone folder. You will now have one triangle shape.

Hold the tips of the two points together. Flick your arm sharply downward. The movement and the rush of air will make your paper banger bang.


Provide your kids with a wide variety of colourful paper so they can make additional bangers for all their friends.

Do not become discouraged if the paper banger does not work the first time. You may need to practice the flick. Refold it and do it again and again. It seems to work better the more times it is flicked.

Things You'll Need

  • 30 cm (12 inch) scrapbook paper sheets
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or cutting board
  • Bone folder
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