How to Clean a Yellowed Antique Wedding Veil

Updated April 17, 2017

A wedding veil is an elegant accessory that adds to your wedding gown. Veils can be made of tulle or very detailed lace. These materials weaken and fade, often turning yellow over time. Perhaps you have a veil that has been in your family and is an heirloom that you would like to wear on your wedding day. Even though it is a delicate task, you might still be able to wash a yellowed antiqued veil. Always consult an expert if you think that the veil is too weak for you to handle and might fall apart.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch the fabric.

Examine the veil carefully to look for any spots that might be extra delicate to work with. If there is a piece of the veil that looks like it can't withstand washing, abort the process and consult a professional.

Lay out one white towel. Place the veil on top of the towel and fold in any fabric that exceeds the width or length of the towel. Place another white towel over the top of the veil, covering it completely.

Fill your bathtub about half full with lukewarm water.

Add the colour-safe bleach to the bathtub according to the manufacturer's instructions. If using a powdered bleach, it may be easier to dissolve it in a bucket of hot water and add that solution to the tub. Stir the water in the bathtub as you pour the bleach mixture in.

Place the towels with the enclosed veil into the water, allowing the towels to become completely covered by the water.

Check the colour of the veil about 20 minutes after you submerge it. If you have achieved your desired whiteness, then rinse the towels in cool water, wring them out gently and lay on a flat surface. If the veil is still yellow, leave it in the towels and the water for up to two hours and check on it every 20 minutes.

Pat the veil dry once you have it out of the water using a clean towel. Allow it to dry fully before you hang it.

Things You'll Need

  • Colour-safe bleach
  • Multiple white towels
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