How to clean cream leather on furniture

Updated February 21, 2017

Neutrals are the style these days, but light-coloured furniture can cause some cleaning headaches. Cream-coloured sofas look lovely in the showroom, but once you get them home, life happens. Between daily life, pets and children, furniture takes a beating. Leather is a great way to get the look you want and also have the durability you need. Even cream-coloured leather is easy to clean, and with a bit of work on your part, it will be looking new in no time.

Dampen a towel or rag slightly with warm water. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Dove soap to the damp towel and rub the towel to lather the soap thoroughly.

Use the soapy towel to wipe the cream-coloured leather, preferably in the direction of any nap, if possible.

Slightly dampen another white towel and wipe the furniture again to remove any excess soap residue. When the leather is dry, use the final towel to polish the leather.

Things You'll Need

  • Dove brand body wash soap
  • 3 white towels or clean white rags
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