How to Fix Audi A6 Brake Lights

Updated March 23, 2017

A broken brake light can create a significant safety hazard on the road. Additionally, it is illegal to drive with a broken brake light, and police officers issue thousands of tickets each year to drivers operating cars without working brake lights. Unfortunately, many drivers do not realise their brake lights are broken until it is too late. This article will provide you with detailed instructions for fixing the brake lights on an Audi A6.

Unscrew the lens cover on the Audi's brake light using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Once the cover is removed, unscrew the existing bulb with your hands.

Check the brake light socket for corrosion. If necessary, clean the interior of the socket with the plastic scrub brush and wipe it clean with the dry cloth.

Open the A6's boot and lift up the interior mat with your hands. Unscrew the interior panel in the floor of the boot using the Phillips-head screwdriver.

Locate the fuse panel in the middle of the trunk's interior panel. The fuse panel is green with a number of coloured fuses attached to the surface. Check the brake light fuses, which are red and located in the top row of fuses, to make sure they are wired properly. Make sure the ends of the brake light wires are securely attached to the fuses. If necessary, unwind the brake light wires, strip some additional covering from the wires, and reattach the wires to the fuses by crimping the wire ends firmly with your hands.

Replace the cover of the interior panel and screw it into place. Screw the replacement bulb into the brake light socket with your hands. Replace the brake light lens cover and screw it into place.


Purchase the correct model of replacement bulb for the A6. If you are unsure, take the old bulb to a parts supplier or to the dealer to ensure you purchase the correct replacement bulb.


Do not force the old brake light bulb when unscrewing it. Applying too much pressure to the bulb will cause the glass to break, and you may cut yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Plastic scrub brush
  • Dry cloth
  • Wire strippers
  • Replacement brake light bulb
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