How to Use Sizzix Machine

Updated April 17, 2017

The Sizzix machine is a cutting tool that uses pressure to provide various shapes and letters that would normally need a hand stencil to create. The use of the pressure machine and diecuts creates a perfectly cut stencil. The Sizzix is a great tool to use for scrapbooking and many different types of arts and crafts. The Sizzix provides a precise and safe cutting tool for paper products.

Pull the handle up and bring the platform out to the edge of the machine to begin using the Sizzix machine. It is easier to line the paper up on the machine if the white platform is slid out to the end of the machine.

Choose the diecuts that you would like to use to cut your stencil. They come in both large and small sizes and various shapes. You can also write words with the alphabet diecuts.

Cut a piece of paper to fit inside the Sizzix cutter. It needs to be the width of the white platform or it will not fit under the pressure mount. Place the diecut on top of the paper, and slide the diecut and white Sizzix platform under the push handle on the machine as demonstrated in the picture.

Place it under the pressure point ensuring the paper is lined up as precisely as possible with the edges of the pressure mount. This will ensure even cutting of the paper.

Use both hands to pump the handle to cut the paper. Make sure the paper is lined up before pumping the handle.

Use the stencil cutouts or the stencil itself as pictured to complete your arts and crafts project.


Pump the handle multiple times to make sure it cuts the paper. Use either the shapes or the cut out paper, depending on your needs.


Watch your fingers, and don't get them caught under the platform.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper (thick or thin)
  • Sizzix dies
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