How to check computer speed

Updated April 17, 2017

Run a speed test to determine your current speed capabilities before considering upgrading your computer to a higher speed central processing unit (CPU) or switching to a different Internet service provider. Download and install a third-party speed test program to test your processor and Internet connection speed, or use an entirely online-based speed test service.

Open your web browser and navigate to a website that offers a CPU speed testing program such as "CPU Speed Professional" (see Resources below). Access the area of the website that hosts the download link and click on it.

Open the file that you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install the CPU speed testing program. Open the program once you've installed it by double-clicking on its corresponding desktop icon.

Click on the "Show CPU Speed" details on the left side of the program's window to view the make, model and advertised speed of your computer's central processing unit.

Close every other program that is currently open to make the test as accurate as possible. Click on the "Test CPU Speed" button at the top of the window to start the CPU speed testing process.

Wait for the test to finish and then click on the "View Results" button to see the speed your processor is running at.

Open your web browser and click on the navigation bar at the top end of the window. Navigate to a website that offers an Internet connection speed testing service such as "Speakeasy Speed Test" (see Resources below).

Close any other program that is using your Internet connection, such as instant messengers or online multiplayer video games. Close any extra tabs you have open in your current web browsing session so that the speed test can get the most accurate results.

Click on the link for any of the servers used by the Internet speed testing website. Click on "Start Speed Test" to start the first process which tests your Internet connection's download speed.

Click on "Upload Test" once the download speed test has finished. Wait for the upload speed test to finish running.

Click on the "View Speed Test Results" button to see your upload and download speed.


Both your central processing speed and the speed at which your computer accesses the Internet will fluctuate depending on how many programs the machine is currently running and how many other people are accessing your Internet service provider's Internet connection. It doesn't matter which server you choose when you use the Internet speed test or how close it is located to you. The speed test is not affected by physical distance from the server.

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