How to Reset My HP Pavilion Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

When disaster strikes your HP Pavilion laptop, and there seems to be nothing you can do to save it, your last-ditch option is to restore the laptop to its factory default settings. While you can do this inside Windows, if your computer has been severely crippled, and you are unable to access the operating system, there are still steps you can take to return your computer to normal.

Turn on your computer and insert your recovery disc. Press F10 during start-up to open the console. This opens up the HP recovery console.

Click "Next" on the screen that appears.

Choose whether you want a nondestructive recovery (one that keeps your files in place) or a destructive one (one that erases your disk and rebuilds your system to factory defaults). If most of your files aren't corrupted or are still usable, go with a nondestructive recovery. Otherwise, perform the destructive recovery.

Follow the instructions on the prompts that appear to restore your HP Pavillion.

Turn on your computer. Press F1 at the first logo screen to enter the BIOS menu.

Move to the Boot Options section of the BIOS menu. Look for the Boot Priority menu.

Set the Boot Priority option to booting the CD-ROM first.

Insert the first recovery disc into the HP laptop. Then press "Enter" on your keyboard to save your settings and exit. The computer will then reboot into the recovery console.

Follow the instructions on the prompts that appear, to restore your laptop.


Using the destructive format will destroy all data on your drive, so back up whatever you can before doing so.

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