How to Program a Volvo S80 Garage Door Opener

Updated February 21, 2017

The Volvo S80 comes equipped with the Homelink transmitter, which you can use to operate your garage door openers and other automatic doors. The Homelink transmitter is built into your car above the rear view mirror, meaning you do not need to carry around the garage door opener's hand-held remote control. You can easily program the Homelink transmitter so that it will control your garage door opener.

Place the Homelink transmitter in programming mode by pressing and holding the two outside buttons on the control panel until the indicator light starts to blink. The control panel is located above the rear view mirror. It will take approximately 20 seconds before the indicator light blinks.

Hold the garage door remote control approximately 1 inch away from the Homelink transmitter. Ensure the LED of the remote control is pointing at the LED of the Homelink transmitter.

Press and simultaneously hold the button on the remote control that operates the garage door and the button on the HomeLink transmitter you want to control the garage door opener with. Release both buttons when the indicator light on the HomeLink transmitter blinks slowly and then quickly.

Test the programming by pressing the HomeLink button you are using to control your garage door opener. If the indicator light on your transmitter is solid when you press the button, the programming is complete. If the light blinks quickly for approximately two seconds and then turns solid, you need to program your garage door opener’s motor control unit.

Place a step ladder under the garage door opener’s motor control unit and climb it so you can easily reach the control panel on the unit.

Start the motor control unit’s programming mode by pressing and releasing the “Learn” or “Smart” button. The indicator light on the motor control unit will turn on, indicating it is in programming mode.

Hold the programmed HomeLink transmitter button in your Volvo S80 for approximately two seconds and then release. Repeat two more times.

Test the HomeLink transmitter by pressing the programmed button. If the garage door does not operate, repeat Step 5 through Step 7.

Things You'll Need

  • Garage door opener remote control
  • Step ladder
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