How to create a group on Skype

If you use Skype to communicate with business, personal and family contacts, groups help you organise various online profiles. Using a Skype group, your online friends appear in neatly ordered categories in the left task pane. Ungrouped friends appear as a long string of contacts. If you are new to Skype, you may not know how to add groups, but the process is straightforward.

Open Skype, and log in with your username and password.

Click on the "Contacts" menu at the top of the window.

Click "Create New Group." A series of group-management options appears in the right task pane of the Skype window.

Click on the small icon resembling a pen and paper next to "Empty Group." This will highlight the group name.

Press the Delete key to remove the "Empty Group" name. Type in a new name and press Enter.

Click the "Add People" button in the task pane.

Click on the names of the contacts that you want to add from the list provided.

Click "Select," then click the "Add" button to place contacts into the group.

Return to the main Skype window once you done adding friends to the group.

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