How to Clean the Inside of Your Rolex Watch

Updated November 21, 2016

A Rolex requires special care not only to keep it looking new but also to maintain its movement. Because it needs proper maintenance, it can cost hundreds of dollars and months to clean parts and have the watch returned to you from a professional dealer.

Unclasp your watch and place the thumbtack in the top spoke of the clasp. A small spring bar will pop out.

Gently place your Rolex onto a flat surface (such as a table) face down.

Use the Bergeon 6825 to gently twist the backing of the Rolex (much like a monkey wrench). Once it is loosened, you can unscrew the backing yourself.

Gently press the release button (about 2 to 3cm from the left of the watch dial) to remove the dial with your thumbtack.

Use your thumbtack to remove the top of the backing (it looks like the top of a spool) after you've removed the dial.

Turn the watch over in your hands, and the face should fall out.

Gently begin to press against the glass interior with a piece of scotch tape. This will pick up any dust particles that have become trapped on the inside.

Piece your watch back together once satisfied that your watch is clean on the interior. Place the face inside the watch.

Gently place the watch face down onto your table. Put the dial back into place. It may require a bit of gentle jiggling to get it back into its spot.

Place the backing spool into place and then screw the dial in.

Use your thumbtack to hit the release button to lock your dial into place. Pull it and press it to make sure it's properly locked in.

Put your backing on and screw it back into place. Use your Bergeon to screw it tightly.

Put the spring bar back into its position and slide it into the clasp. This will take some adjusting. Use a gem cloth to wipe the surface of your watch, and it should now be clean.


The Bergeon 6825 is expensive if you can't buy it on eBay. However, it is better to use this device instead of scissors as shown in the instructional video (see Resources), as you do not want to scratch your watch.


It is always better to have a professional clean your watch. If moisture develops on the inside of your watch, take it to a Rolex dealer to have it properly inspected and cared for.

Things You'll Need

  • Thumbtack
  • Bergeon 6825
  • Latex gloves
  • Sellotape
  • Gem cloth
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