How to Use a Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner

Updated February 21, 2017

Bissel Proheat carpet cleaners help homeowners keep their carpets clean. The machines work by injecting steaming hot water and special carpet cleansers into the carpet, scrubbing the dirt out, and suctioning the dirty water back up into a holding tank.

Locate the shampoo tank in the back of the machine. It is a frosted clear bottle that is inverted, with the "lid" facing down. Pull this bottle out and put it on the counter or table.

Remove the tank from the front of the machine. This is simple to remove: just lift the half-circle handle and pull upwards. Place this on the counter as well.

Turn on the water and let it run until it is as hot as it can get. You will need to use hot water, but only as hot as your tap gets. Never use boiling water, as it can damage the water bladder in the machine, and it could damage parts of the machine as well.

Turn the tank around and unbuckle the top half from the bottom. Set the top half aside. Turn the water off while you position the tank underneath the faucet. Fill the water bladder by directing the stream of water into the small funnel-like opening in the bladder. Do not fill the collection tank, only fill the inner bladder (which looks like a semi-rigid balloon).

The clean water goes into the bladder, is injected into the carpet, and is sucked back into the collection tank (which surrounds the bladder of clean water).

Buckle the top half of the water tank back on and place it back onto the Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner.

Fill the shampoo tank with the shampoo carpet cleaner up to the "fill" line. For best results, use Bissell carpet shampoos for steam cleaners. If you can't find Bissell brand carpet shampoo, purchase a brand that specifies that it is compatible with Bissell Proheat carpet cleaners.

Place the shampoo tank back on the machine.

Turn on the Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner. Locate the trigger button that is located on the handle, where your fingers naturally rest. This trigger releases a mixture of hot water and shampoo into your carpet, while the spinning brushes scrub your carpet. Press the trigger as you slowly move the Bissell carpet cleaner forward and away from you, and keep it pressed as you move the machine back towards you.

Stop pressing the trigger. This will stop the stream of water and shampoo, and it will activate the machine's suction mode. Staying in the same path, move the machine forward and back towards you. Do this slowly, so that the machine can extract as much of the dirty water as possible.

Move the Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner over to another path, and repeat the process of moving back and forth with the trigger pressed, and back and forth with the trigger released. Do this until you have cleaned the whole room.

Keep an eye on the shampoo level and water level while you are working. If you are working in a large room, you may have to dump out the collection tank and refill the water bladder with hot water. You may also have to refill the shampoo tank.

Things You'll Need

  • Bissell Proheat carpet cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner liquid (Bissell brand)
  • Water
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