How to Make a Briar Pipe Using Dremel Tools

Updated March 23, 2017

Pipe smokers are known for the pleasure they take in not only smoking their pipe, but from collecting them as well. Many pipe enthusiasts even enjoy making their own pipes. Dremel has been around since the early 1930s, providing power tools and attachments for serious woodworking hobbyists. Put this powerful tool to use to make your own briar pipe from rough cut to finish.

Purchase an ebauchon from a pipe-making supply shop. An ebauchon is a piece of briar in a rough block and ready to be worked. You can choose plateaux briar instead, which is a piece cut from the top part of the burl. These pieces are more expensive than the briar ebauchons but yield less flaws. The plateaux briar pieces have rough tops that can be sanded down or left on for a more natural look.

Think about the pipe you'd like to make. If the pipe will have intricate carving, make a sketch on paper before you begin. The visual reference will be helpful while you work.

Use a Dremel #115 high-speed cutter to cut the bowl of your pipe. The bowl should be cut about 2" deep and any circumference you like. An inch and a half is ideal. Dremel has an array of cutters, but the #115 does a great job with no effort.

Attach a Dremel engraver to your power tool to engrave lettering or names. There are many engraving tool bits, depending upon the depth of the engraving you want to do.

Use a Dremel carving attachment to cut any designs you'd like into your pipe bowl. Get creative. Make faces, an animal, or just natural tree shapes. Dremel offers a number of carving attachments to fit your needs. It's best to stay with a thin, smaller carver to lessen the chance of removing too much wood.

Drill a hole in the base of your pipe to fit your stem. Drill the hole in the base of your pipe that will fit the end of the stem you select for your pipe. The fit should be snug. Removing the pipe stem a few times will loosen the fit until the stem fits perfectly.

Give your pipe bowl a rub down with carnauba wax and polish it for appearance, heat resistance, and as a sealant. This will leave you with a briar pipe that will last for several years.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel power tool
  • # 115 high-speed cutter
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