How to Grow a Black Magic Rose

Updated April 17, 2017

Black rose petals are not truly black; instead, they are shades of deep red or purple that resemble black. Some common types of black roses are Black Magic, Black Baccara and Black Jade. The appearance of black petals and their contrast to more common flower colours makes black roses an appealing choice for any rose garden. However, there are specific conditions in which black roses grow and thrive, and you need to follow them to grow healthy, attractive black roses.

Set aside an area to grow your rose. Black roses need at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Make sure the area exposes the roses to adequate sunlight. Also be sure the area you choose has loose, well-drained soil. You need a minimum depth of 4 inches of soil.

Enrich the soil with compost matter to ensure it is rich. Two inches of compost matter worked into the soil provides nutrients for the rose and helps keep the soil drained.

Dig a hole in the soil at least 4 inches deep to plant your Black Magic rose bush. Remove the rose bush from its container and place it into the hole. Press the soil around the base of the bush until the roots are completely covered. There should be 4 inches of soil surrounding the stem on all sides.

Water your Black Magic rose bush daily. It is best to water the bush early in the day. Use enough water to moisten the soil around the bush, but do not water it excessively. Your rose bush should not be sitting in a puddle of water.

Check your Black Magic rose for brown spots and clip any leaves with brown spots. If brown spots become a frequent occurrence, treat your rose bush with a fungicide.


Your Black Magic rose should be fertilised with a rose fertiliser in the early spring and midsummer.

Things You'll Need

  • Rose bush or seeds
  • Soil
  • Compost matter
  • Fertiliser
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