How to Make a Paper Revolver Gun

From Nerf models to air guns, toy firearms hold a real fascination. Making a revolver out of paper can be a fun way to explore this fascination while expanding creative possibilities. A simple project, this craft calls for the most basic supplies.

Create a pattern for revolver. This can be done through a freehand drawing or by using an online image as a template. Cut out the center area of the gun. Using this pattern, cut two paper guns.

Cut a small strip from the accordion folds of a coffee filter, This piece will probably be about 2 inches long in its folded state and 1/2-inch wide, but the size may vary depending on the size of the original template. The strip will need to fit inside the cutout opening. Tape the two ends of the strip together to form a circle.

Insert the pipe cleaner through the middle of the coffee filter ring and tape at both ends in the cutout area of one of the paper guns. The coffee filter ring should peep through the cutout opening.

Attach the other paper gun on top of the first one with Scotch tape. The pipe cleaner will be concealed inside the gun.

Add detail to revolver with black marker.


For a larger gun, use card stock rather than paper.


Younger children may need assistance with this craft.

Things You'll Need

  • Two sheets of 8" by 11" paper One coffee filter Pipe cleaner 1 1/2" long Scotch tape Black marker
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