How to Connect My Computer to My TV Wirelessly

Updated July 20, 2017

One major problem when connecting a computer to a TV is how to hide all the wiring required. Correctly wiring for audio and video is also a chore, and can be expensive. Additionally, you will need to consider placement of the computer and TV and the length of the cables needed to connect them. These problems can be solved by the addition of a Wireless PC to TV converter. Wireless PC to TV converters have been used for several years by businesses and schools as teaching aids. Their primary purpose is to allow more than one person to view a computer monitor by broadcasting it to a TV. Now they are in demand in private homes to bridge the gap between computer and TV. Wireless PC to TV converters are equipped to broadcast a computer screen to analogue or digital televisions.

Connect the desktop monitor or notebook computer video with the provided VGA cable.

Connect the desktop or notebook audio with the provided audio cable.

Connect the DC in power cable to the PC transmitter.

Attach the provided RCA cable to the TV. Make sure the colours on the cable match the input ports on the TV.

Connect the RCA cable to the TV receiver.

Run the power cable into the TV Receiver. Make sure the PC transmitter, TV receiver, computer and TV all have power and are on.

Find the correct input channel on the TV. Depending on the TV, it may be labelled "Auxiliary," "Composite" or "Video Input" on the TV remote or on the TV control panel.

You may need to adjust the Screen Resolution on the computer. To do this on the computer, go to "Start" then "Settings" and "Control Panel."

On the control panel, Click on "Display" and find the "Settings" tab.

Go to the section on the "Settings" tab called "Screen Resolution." Use the arrow to switch between different screen resolutions. Choose an appropriate resolution for the TV screen and click "Apply." A screen will come up notifying you, "Your computer will revert to your old settings in 15 seconds... ." If the image on your screen is good, click "OK/Accept".


A wireless keyboard and mouse are also helpful accessories.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer (desktop or notebook)
  • TV
  • VGA cable
  • Wireless PC to TV converter
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