How to Make a Princess Canopy Bed

A princess canopy bed would be a dream come true for any little girl who loves frilly and feminine accessories. If you've priced these canopies at ready-made in stores, you have likely found that they can be quite expensive to purchase. Instead of buying a canopy for your little girl's bed, learn how easy it is to make a princess canopy bed. The materials are not expensive and the process is simple.

Determine how you want your princess canopy to hang over the bed. The opening can be toward either side of the bed or the foot of the bed and should be positioned for easiest access. Center the canopy over the bed for best results.

Figure out where the centre point of the bed is with the tape measure and then transfer this centre point to the ceiling above the bed. Make a small mark at this point on the ceiling with the pencil.

Screw the chandelier hook into the ceiling by hand. Because tulle is so lightweight, it is not necessary to support the screw in the ceiling with anything in addition to the ceiling plaster.

Spread the tulle out on a flat work surface and fold it in half width-wise and then fold it in half width-wise again. Measure approximately one foot from one short end and tie a 6-inch length of ribbon securely around the tulle at this point.

Hang the tulle from the hook by wrapping the tulle on the short side of the ribbon around the hook with an overhand knot. Tie another overhand knot to secure the tulle to the hook. Make sure that the hanging tulle extends down to the bed.

Spread the hanging tulle so that it surrounds the bed. Insert the hula hoop up under the centre of the tulle and push it up as far as it will go under the tied ribbon in the tulle.

Ask your helper to hold the hula hoop in place and use the glue gun to glue the hula hoop to this spot under the hook of the canopy.

Arrange the tulle to cascade down onto the bed to finish the princess canopy.


Alternatively, you could hand sew the hula hoop in place with a needle and thread instead of gluing it in place. Simply insert the needle through the tulle from the outside, loop it around the hula hoop, and then insert the needle back through the tulle to the outside again. Repeat this several times at several points to secure the hula hoop.

Things You'll Need

  • 10 Yards of tulle (Any colour)
  • Satin ribbon (1/2-inch wide) (colour to match the tulle)
  • Scissors
  • Chandelier hook
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Hula hoop (match the colour to the tulle)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread (colour to match the tulle) (optional)
  • A helper
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