How to find out how much a diamond ring is worth

Updated April 17, 2017

Diamond rings can make a beautiful jewellery statement or have special meaning between a couple in love. Diamond rings come in all shapes and sizes and diamonds even have their own rating system for quality. When finding out how much a diamond ring is worth there are a few steps you can take before seeking professional assistance. By using your own eyes and a little help from a jeweller, you can find out how much your diamond ring is worth.

Look on the inside of the ring band for a symbol that indicates the type of metal the ring is made of. Diamonds are almost always set in gold, but can also be set in platinum. The most common types of gold are yellow and white and the symbols 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K indicate the purity of the gold. The higher number of gold; the more valuable your ring is. Platinum can be identified with the symbols 900Pt, Pt900, and 900Plat. --- platinum is highly valuable.

Use The Four C's system to check the diamond quality. This includes checking for the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of the diamond. The cut of the diamond includes shapes like round, princess, marquis or oval. Unique shapes or cuts can add to the value of your ring.

Hold the ring under good lighting to check for the colour and clarity of the diamond. Look to see if there is a visible colour to the diamond. The diamond might have a yellow or blue tint to it. Also see if you can spot any flecks or dark smudges. These imperfections occur naturally, but will decrease the value of the diamond.

Check the carat size of the diamond as well as the condition of the ring. The size of the diamond will greatly affect the value and can range from a small sized 1/2 carat to a large 3 carat diamond. Check for dents and chips in the metal and identify if the ring has a modern setting or is an antique. All of these factors will help determine the worth of the ring.

Make an appointment with a local jeweller and listen carefully to what they have to say during the ring appraisal. Ask questions about the value they give the ring so you can learn about what qualities help discern the value of your diamond ring.

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