How to Wear a Wrap Dress

Updated April 17, 2017

The style and fit of wrap dresses make them ideal for all body types. Because they look great on everyone, wrap dresses are a must-have addition to anyone's wardrobe. Wrap dresses also come in many different fabric types, so they can be worn in all seasons and for any occasion---work or play. To wear a wrap dress, you need to learn how to put on the dress, and also how to accessorise it for a stylish and classic look.

Examine the dress before putting it on. Wrap dresses come in several styles, and each is worn differently. Some button closed on the inside and the outside, with removable ties. Others have attached ties that must be literally wrapped around your body.

Put on the dress like a coat or a robe. It will be completely open in the front.

Wrap the inside first. Pull the panel that goes on the inside toward your body. Button or snap it on the inside, if applicable, and then button the outside panel to the other side. For a true wrap dress, you will notice a hole on the inside side seam of the dress. Thread the tie connected to the inside panel through this hole and pull it as snugly as you like.

Pull the tie around your back to the opposite side. Wrap the outside panel over and tie together. If the ties are long enough, you can wrap them around your waist as many times as you like.

Cinch the dress so that it fits well at the waist. True wrap dresses offer some flexibility in how tightly you wear the dress, because the ties are completely adjustable.

Add a belt that fits well at the waist. Belts look great with wrap dresses, and wider belts tend to look better. Even if your wrap dress has attached ties, you can still wear a belt over the ties.

Wear a cardigan or wrap. Cardigans and wraps are the best all-around accessories, and they look great with wrap dresses.

Add jewellery. If your wrap dress is a basic solid colour, like black, you can have lots of fun with accessories. You can add bold necklaces and earrings, since you basically have a blank slate to work with. Or, you can keep it simple with delicate earrings and a simple pendant.

Choose the right shoes. The weather will help you decide which shoes to wear. Wrap dresses look great with boots, heels, flats and sandals.

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