How to Transfer Hi8 Videos to a PC

Updated July 20, 2017

Hi8 is an 8 mm video format that came out around the same time as Super VHS. Hi8 isn't used anymore because it was replaced by Digital8, then by DV. But for those who still have Hi8 tapes, converting them to a format that is still relevant should be a priority. The first step is to transfer the Hi8 tapes to a personal computer, where you can convert and edit the footage.

Connect your Hi8 player or camcorder to your TV tuner card. Connect the S-Video cable from the S-Video jack on the back of your player or camcorder and connect the other end to the S-Video input on your TV tuner card, located on the back of your PC.

Run the video-capturing software that came with your TV tuner card. You can also use high-end editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Avid if you have it.

Put your Hi8 tape into the Hi8 player or camcorder. Make sure it is set at the spot you want to begin capturing.

Press "Capture" on your video-capturing software and press "Play" on your Hi8 player or camcorder. Once finished, your Hi8 tape footage will be captured on your hard drive.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • TV Tuner card
  • Hi8 player or camcorder
  • S-Video cable
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