How to Make a Rose From a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Wrapper

Updated April 17, 2017

Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate with a whole roasted hazelnut inside a wafer shell that is filled with Nutella and dipped in milk chocolate and finely chopped nuts. The Ferrero Rocher chocolate is surrounded by a thin gold wrapper that is part of its refined image meant to impart wealth and elegance. Perhaps because Ferrero Rocher has such an elegant image, some crafty person has invented a way to turn the Ferrero Rocher wrapper into a rose. You can make this tiny gold rose in just a few minutes.

Take the chocolate from the wrapper and flatten the wrapper.

Fold each of the four sides in by 1/3 inch.

Fold the corner into a triangular shape.

Fold the adjacent side along the width of the triangle.

Take the other corner and roll the foil inward loosely, until it forms a tube/cigarette shape. The tube should be wider at the top than it is at the bottom.

Pinch the foil about half-way down the tube. Roll/twist the bottom half of the tube (below the pinch) between your fingers until it forms a tight stem. This makes the bottom into the stem of the rose and the top into the bulb of the rose.

Take a toothpick, and gently pry the "petals" open at the top of the bulb. This will form the flower part of the rose.

Put the sticker from the chocolate at the top of the stem, or on the flower.

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